DOUBUTSU URANAI®-Animal Fortune- Recenzje App

Cute and accurate

This astrology is super cute and I also found it to be pretty accurate. My only problem is that some of the titles and passages seem to trail off so you can't read the whole thing; probably need to make it fit into the screen better to be able to read. Please fix this, considering I paid for it. For example the title shows like this: Your Surface Charac... (See you can't finish reading the rest?) Maybe this has to do with the fact that I'm using an iPad and if that's why, then please make a compatible update. Thank you. *Also compatibility within the same gender would be great.


i mean its ok for like 19 seconds but after that i'm probably never gonna use it again your probably better looking it up online -_-


I first got interested in this after watching Himitsu no Arashi's VIP room corner with Koda Kumi. She was hooked on doubutsu uranai at the time. I find it closely accurate and fun. :)

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